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Myrthe Regelt Het embraces creativity as a core value, so that your wedding is shaped by original ideas and artistic flair. From high-end styling and solution-oriented thinking to a standout experience, we strive for creative excellence that makes any wedding unforgettable.


Professionalism is at the heart of our approach. Through our years of experience in weddings, events & hospitality, we offer a tightly organized service with clear, friendly communication and an execution with a unique sense of detail.


Myrthe Regelt Het is all about exclusivity. We strive to create a unique and bespoke wedding that reflects your personality. Our commitment to exclusivity allows for an experience that exceeds expectations.



Food. Food is always a major factor. But getting it to feel just right is just as important too. Heaps of optimism, an unparalleled eye for detail and a go-getter mentality. Recognising opportunities, turning problems into memorable solutions and the ability to transform any space beyond recognition. These are just a few elements that make Myrthe, Myrthe.

Out of her love for fashion, hospitality and high-quality organized experiences, she is now the inspirational force behind Myrthe Regelt Het. Equipped with her years of experience, never-ending creativity and perseverance, she proudly leads a team that not only plans weddings, but most of all surprises every bride and groom with an unforgettable day!

Myrthe: “I live in Amsterdam, together with Walter, Mads & Bobby. I grew up in Friesland, where I learned the values that I brought with me to the bustling Amsterdam that is now truly our home. I know every corner, every hidden gem, and every surprising vendor here. I work hard, very hard—but I enjoy myself at least as much, too. This year, for example,
I went on a skiing trip and will celebrate summer with our family in the south of France, where we will go surfing. Things that make me happy include bubbles, oysters,
glitter pants, festivals and adventures. All of these together, you say? Yes please!”


THE MRH team

We take great care in matching the right wedding planner or wedding stylist to your wedding. Because teamwork makes the dream work! This way, we can guarantee full-service supervision, peace of mind and, above all, a fan-tas-tic result for you!


Where would we be without Vicky? She is the stalwart member of the team. When Vicky says she will take care of it, it will be taken care of to the next level.

She too has the ‘I can think creatively, but can ensure a smooth production too’ gene that we love at MRH!


Myrthe Regelt Het runs on Valerie’s calmness and clarity. She uses these qualities to make even the most complicated and challenging weddings and events a reality.

With Valerie as a planner, you are guaranteed that everything is taken care of down to the last detail.


Lein thinks outside and beyond the box. What would benefit the client the most? What would work well? She draws on her years of experience, as well as her Italian background, and is the most caring planner of us all.

Like everyone at Myrthe Regelt Het, Lein is a stellar planner, so you can rest assured that no detail is overlooked.


Large public events are right up Marjolein’s alley. If you let her take care of the experience too, you will make her very happy!

Marjolein is also brilliant at executing with a keen eye for detail. And honestly, her playbooks deserve an award or two.


Nika thinks in terms of visuals, always has the most unique ideas and is also great with flowers!
She is guaranteed to come up with a unique and comprehensive styling plan.

Her middle name is Work Hard and she doesn’t go home until all the details are to her satisfaction.


As an intern at Myrthe Regelt Het, you are truly a part of our team. You will be involved in all the elements involved in planning, and you will come along to weddings and events to do and learn a lot.

You’re not afraid to work hard, and are happy to join us on our fun and eventful rollercoaster ride!


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