Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Sterre and Olivier

Sterre & Olivier If your family has a magical forest house with a dense forest available, we understand that your wedding will take place there.We were allowed to help Sterre & Olivier make this a reality.And what happened on the hottest day of the year, happened.And more than that. The swinging table that was already […]

Sophie and Jacob

Sophie & Jacob Together on a Dutch bicycle, unexpectedly to the fair further away.And look; so much fun and fantastic photos!If a couple can let everything go because we arrange everything, there is room for this.And what fun that can be for everyone. The sunlight that poured in at the dinner table was extra special […]

Quirine and Jaap

Quirine & Jaap When Quirine & Jaap asked us the first season after Corona to set up an entire glamping wedding within 3 months in the busiest month, our hearts beat a little faster.Because of the challenge we like to take on, and because of the challenge it was. Suppliers turned out to be a […]

Nikki and Derek

Nikki & Derek Meeting with Nikki & Derek was so much fun, every time.. I remember very well that Nikki translated our company name ‘Myrthe Regelt Het’ into Myrthe Rules It’ and we have loved her ever since. Nikki & Derek were the very first couple from the US that asked us to fill their […]

Martine and Bram

Martine & Bram What a story we were able to write with Martine & Bram. It was a fantastic journey to discover what they wanted, give it a special twist and see it all come together in the end. From Amsterdam to Naarden, literally. A perfect match full of surprises that created an incredibly good […]

Kaylyn and Jeff

Kaylyn & Jeff Having fun on the canals, taking the time for an Amsterdam Coffee on the terrace.. it was all there.. We helped them with fitting all their ideas together to a day in which all their guests from different parts of their life could all come together and experience their version of Amsterdam. […]

Dimitra and Jan

Dimitra & Jan An Amsterdam Winter Wedding, definitely a favorite of ours!Dimitra & Jan already knew very well what they wanted (check the dress!), we were there to fine-tune this together with them and of course to fully implement it on the day itself. A beautiful combination of an intimate dinner followed by an overwhelming […]

Sanne and Ron

MRH - Sanne & Ron Wedding

Sanne & Ron If the bride wants to brainstorm within the theme ‘angel to demon’, our radars are turned on.And so it happened: together with Sanne & Ron we planned a day that suited them perfectly. We started in the church where Ron found his footing after a difficult time. The dress code was ‘black’, […]

Marjolein and Edwin

MRH Marjolein & Edwin Wedding

Marjolein & Edwin While we are often the driving force behind adding special elements to a wedding, our work here was mainly to bring together all the fantastically creative and personal ideas that this bridal couple and the people around them had. It was truly a joy to be able to do this, which made […]

Harriet and Jack


Harriet & Jack Weddingplanner Myrthe Regelt Het Styling Myrthe Regelt Het Location Huize Frankendael Photography Zelda Bonnet [REVIEWS] “Despite all our changes, doubts, etc., you remained calm and made our day so beautiful, amazing!!” Plan a meeting Also see