Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Marjolein & Edwin

While we are often the driving force behind adding special elements to a wedding, our work here was mainly to bring together all the fantastically creative and personal ideas that this bridal couple and the people around them had.

It was truly a joy to be able to do this, which made each individual element stand out even more strongly. We also took care of the decoration of the ceremony with our magic ceiling cloths, if the drinks outside were crazy coloured, and we looked for a natural chic for dinner that beautifully supported Ninour’s fantastic food.

Thank you for your trust, Marjolein & Edwin. Good luck with those beautiful boys!


Myrthe Regelt Het


Myrthe Regelt Het




For Love We Live


“We would like to thank you and your amazing team 1000000x for all your good care and perfect organization. You took care of us completely, we had 100% confidence all those months beforehand and on the day itself that everything would turn out fine.”