Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Nikki & Derek

Meeting with Nikki & Derek was so much fun, every time.. I remember very well that Nikki translated our company name ‘Myrthe Regelt Het’ into Myrthe Rules It’ and we have loved her ever since.

Nikki & Derek were the very first couple from the US that asked us to fill their Amsterdam Wedding Weekend. We selected so many locations and suppliers for them, and had the most fun connecting all their favorites together into their Amsterdam Wedding Weekend.

And yes, they officially got married on a boat! With 100 guests!


Myrthe Regelt Het


Myrthe Regelt Het


De Kas, Hotel Arena, boats, Coulisse, Lion Noir


Renske Meinema


“Every detail of the entire day was correct, the vibe, the music, the styling - everything came together and it was such a pleasure.”