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Wedding planning

Let us design your special wedding from A to Z with our unique total concept. From detailed planning to stunning styling, we take control so you can enjoy every moment worry-free.

planning & styling in one

Team Myrthe Regelt Het excels as a full-service wedding planner when we get to shape your complete story together with you. We have over 9 years of experience in all aspects of weddings, ensuring that your day or weekend matches who you are down to the smallest detail. Both in the planning stages and on the day itself, we completely relieve you of any worries. We’re creative, solution-oriented, no-nonsense, and excel at tight planning; most importantly, it brings a lot of joy to you. And that’s our goal: to make it enjoyable for you, both in the preparation and on the day itself.

During our introduction, we’ll brainstorm, assist you in creating the schedule for the day, and inspire you with additional ideas for your day. We have a plethora of surprising and high-quality vendors whom we’d love to connect you with, ensuring that everything is taken care of. We’ll create a styling plan that fits you and the location(s). It feels like home, but always with the wedding upgrade it deserves.

We’ll visit the location(s) together, create a plan and to-do lists for you, and ensure that you stay within the schedule and your budget. We’ll create a timeline, keep all vendors informed, and on the day itself, we’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish, so you and your guests don’t have to worry about a thing.


Master of ceremonies

Relax and experience your big day without worries with our professional master of ceremonies for 1 day. From the welcome to the final farewell, we coordinate every detail so that you (and your guests) can fully enjoy every moment.

master of ceremonies for 1 day

On request, a planner from our team can be your master of ceremonies for 1 day. Your master of ceremonies ensures that your self-organized wedding runs smoothly on the day itself.

We start with a tips & tricks session, where we guide you and make sure you consider all the details. Often, we have various extra ideas to make your day unique. We’re happy to share those with you!

Halfway through, we have an (optional) check-in conversation, and 1 week before the wedding, you hand over the finalized schedule to us.

We call all the suppliers and ensure that your day runs smoothly, while of course being present throughout the day to provide you and your guests with a carefree day. With this option, you relieve your friends and yourselves, allowing everyone to fully enjoy.

Our styling service is often combined with this service, and we’re happy to do so!



Give your wedding a unique look with our standalone styling service. We design a concept, provide the materials, and set everything up for you. And done!

Concept & StyLing

In an introduction meeting, we’ll gather your wishes, brainstorm, and collaboratively develop your concept.

Upon agreeing on a price estimate, we’ll conduct a site visit and create a detailed styling plan along with a customized quote for you.

We work with our own materials and many original suppliers, creating new styling elements for each wedding, ensuring a unique result every time.

We’re also happy to provide floral arrangements, graphic design, and additional entertainment.


“We would recommend you as a WEDDING PLANNER to everyone. Your involvement, openness and enthusiasm meant that we were not stressed by a rain shower or wind force 10.”

We would like to make personal contact in an introductory meeting, in which we can further explain our services and coordinate with you how we can make the best match.

Schedule your introductory meeting now and we will speak soon!