Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Sanne & Ron

If the bride wants to brainstorm within the theme ‘angel to demon’, our radars are turned on.
And so it happened: together with Sanne & Ron we planned a day that suited them perfectly.

We started in the church where Ron found his footing after a difficult time. The dress code was ‘black’, which made it look like a movie scene, very special!

The dinner in the ranch of the chosen family with black table linen, ceiling cloths and red roses already gave a hint towards the party. Because that’s where things were allowed to go wild. Sanne & Ron wanted to show their guests how they like to party, and so we did.
Act after act, building up in tension, combined with many special effects and DJ skills from Micky Hurts, made for a memorable night.

Dear Sanne & Ron, I freaking loved this ride with you, thank you!


Myrthe Regelt Het


Myrthe Regelt Het


Local church & private grounds


Roos Joren Photography


“We have also received nothing but nice and beautiful reactions from our guests, everyone loved it! ”