Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Sophie & Jacob

Together on a Dutch bicycle, unexpectedly to the fair further away.
And look; so much fun and fantastic photos!
If a couple can let everything go because we arrange everything, there is room for this.
And what fun that can be for everyone.

The sunlight that poured in at the dinner table was extra special highlighted by the techno party that was taking place a door away. At first it seemed to be a problem, but the smoke machine turned out to provide a very cool effect.

Smile, lean back and have fun. That’s what we arrange for you! Everything always turns out fine.


Myrthe Regelt Het


Myrthe Regelt Het




Kim Captein


“Thanks to the efforts of team MRH, our wedding day went smoothly and everything looked fantastic. Many guests told us that it felt like they were visiting our home.”