Myrthe Regelt Het Amsterdam Weddingplanner

Sterre & Olivier

If your family has a magical forest house with a dense forest available, we understand that your wedding will take place there.
We were allowed to help Sterre & Olivier make this a reality.
And what happened on the hottest day of the year, happened.
And more than that. The swinging table that was already there before it was a trend, because there were simply tree stumps in the way, the simple but striking spot lighting between the trees, the outfits from S&O and the loving catering provided a dinner for the books. THEIR books, because my oh my, this fit so well. A story well told!


Myrthe Regelt Het


Myrthe Regelt Het


Private terrain


Roos Joren Photography


“Wow wow and again wow, what a beautiful day it was yesterday!! We enjoyed it so much and that is really thanks to you!!”