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Wedding planning

We believe that weddings are all about the experience. The flow should feel right,
both for you and for your guests. Formulating a realistic plan is important, but the vibe of the venue matters just as well. Styling has a big impact, but a personal touch too.
Just think of the difference between a warm welcome by a personal host or the general welcome by a temp staffer of the venue. You can surely imagine that this makes the day start out very differently for your guests. By tailoring these kinds of elements, we ensure that your wedding day becomes an unforgettable event. For you, and for your guests.

As we have learned time and again, the problems that require creative solutions always turn into the most memorable elements. A good example is the wedding of Sabine & Bart. They were worried their evening guests would receive a cold welcome upon their arrival. Our creative solution was to welcome the guests on the parking lot and give them silent disco headphones. While walking along the forest path leading to the venue, they listened to parts of the ceremony, music that was meaningful to the wedding couple and some words they had recorded for their guests. This way, the evening guests would both literally and figuratively get closer and closer to the bride and groom.

At the end of the forest path, they were greeted with limoncello and increasingly louder music. By the time the evening guests had arrived at the party tent, the event smoothly transitioned to the first dance and the group celebrated on as one. In retrospect, the cold welcome ‘issue’ became the most special part of Sabine & Bart’s day. That is what we do!

Wedding planning fee: starting from €7,500 (incl. VAT)

About Myrthe

Myrthe Regelt Het. ‘Myrthe takes care of it’ is a nod to Myrthe Nijboer, who in 2015 built the foundation for what would later grow into the wedding expert company it is today. Out of her love for fashion, hospitality and high-quality organized experiences, she is now the inspirational force behind Myrthe Regelt Het. Equipped with her years of experience, never-ending creativity and eye for detail, she proudly leads a team that not only plans weddings, but most of all surprises every bride and groom with an unforgettable day! As wedding planners, we offer a full-service concept. Taking care of both planning and styling allows us to turn your wedding story into an unforgettable experience.



We plan a set number of sessions with you. Each of the sessions is strategically designed to cover a certain topic. That way, we can make sure we discuss every detail and you can make the right decisions without getting overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty.

We will be the point of contact for vendors and will oversee the entire process in a shared online work environment, allowing you to enjoy the choices to be made.

We will also act as your creative poking stick. That’s our way of saying that we will ‘poke’ you with all kinds of options and ideas, so we can get to know you better and discover what your likes and dislikes are. This helps us get out of the comfort zone of traditional choices and create a wedding that is quintessentially you. We have a no-nonsense style of communicating, which allows us to quickly achieve results that make you go ‘wow’.

Naturally, we will be there on the actual wedding day(s) to make sure everything (that’s right, everything) runs smoothly. If the wedding is over 100 guests and/or involves multiple locations, we will always bring an assistant along as well. And if you decide to let us handle styling, we have our truly fabulous MRH team to zhuzh up your wedding!

Our wedding planning rates start at €7,500. Styling & experience are custom quoted separately and start at €7,000.


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“We received so many compliments from our guests about the styling and service and as I mentioned to you that day, it was everything that we wanted and much more!”