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Amsterdam wedding weekend

Professional weddingplanners & stylist of Amsterdam

Getting Married in Amsterdam! The city has it all. 

Romantic canals, edgy bars and fancy restaurants.


As high-end local planners we know all the good stuff, hidden gems and unique suppliers to perfectly match with your wishes for your Amsterdam Weekend Wedding.


Welcome your guests on Friday with an informal diner and some evening drinks with our traditional Dutch 'bitterbals' at the insiders hidden gem.

Show them Amsterdam's beauty from a boat on Saturday, on which you can even get married. And then continue your weekend with an impressive dinner and fabulous party.

Wave you guests goodbye with a hangover brunch showing them yet another different side of the diverse city that Amsterdam is.

Throughout the years and requests from couples from abroad to plan their Amsterdam Wedding we can safely say that we are specialised in working with couples from different countries in planning their unique, high-end, fun and edgy wedding. 

No worries about not living here, or not being able to visit many times; we got you. As our company name states: Myrthe Regelt Het, translated to Myrthe Takes Care of It. No matter what. 


Or as our beloved bride Nikki James from New York stated; Myrthe Rules It. We love that translation even better ;)

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